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It's Concert Season!


In this first entry, we're going to talk about everything that's happened since the beginning of the year, so get ready for a journey of multimedia, quarantine, and concerts!

Remember that the underlined words will take you to external links, and each weekly installment will be published in English and Spanish.


We started back in March by creating new social media, ready to notify you of upcoming events and bang! Coronavirus~ So, a few projects were put aside, and we started sharing beautiful photos of organs along with their reviews and anecdotes.

Here is the first post, in case you missed it at the time! Then we were interviewed by Maestro Julio Frede from Radio Oriental, the launch of the new CD Beatles Love Bach, and we started with the Bach Integral collection for organ on the Youtube channel!


April, although it found us locked up at home, came loaded with activity in our social media! We premiered the Beatles Love Bach documentary and celebrated De Profundis' birthday. We had the Música para Tecla en Latinoamérica (centuries XVI to XVIII) course presented by the Museo de Arte Precolombino e Indígena (MAPI). And Beatles Love Bach received a review from Naxos Music Library!


The month of May came with more videos and images. We started with the Organística project created by Matías Sagreras from Buenos Aires on his Instagram, and participated in Encuentros Desde Casa with Ligia Amadio and the Filarmonic! We had a sad end of the month when we said goodbye to Maestro Federico García Vigil.


June arrived with renewed strength and the hope of leaving our houses, but we had to continue with talks and interviews from the comfort of our homes.

We talked with Father Pedro Alberto Sánchez and Esteban Tettamantti Bogliaccini, from El Escorial, we continued sharing the beautiful collection of organs, and we announced the launch of the website! We also created the Facebook group: Comunidad CGBanegas to get to know each other and be closer.

On June 17th, along with Paul McCartney's birthday, we also announced the second CD of The Beatles! And we also chatted with Mario Macedo, from the Cortazar Cultural Center, Mexico.


The cold of July came with the first outings after several quarantine months, and we continue to share with our community!

We commemorated Astor Piazzolla's passing, and we also celebrated Ringo Starr's 80th birthday! In turn, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first performance of the Mass in B minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, together with the Mercosur Baroque Orchestra.

In July, we began compiling videos for our website for quick and easy access to anyone who wants to take a little trip back in time. With material recovered from 2001 to date, we continue to search to complete the collection!

We participated in an interview with Carlos Sesca from Corearte in Barcelona, we presented a tribute to Father Davide da Bergamo, and finally, the website was launched!

On July 28, we commemorated the departure of Johann Sebastian Bach.


August arrived quite cold, and with the confinement of the previous months already forgotten.

The Sodre National Ballet commemorated its 85 years with an interview to Olga Banegas, who expressed her memories as the founder of this ballet for the Revista Sinfónica.

Also, we became part of Women in Move. We celebrated 51 years of the iconic Abbey Road crossing. We talked with Luis Fernando Iglesias from Radio Uruguay; and with and Jaime Clara in the show Al Pan Pan, on Radio Sarandí.

Our friends from Colegio Inglés spoke with us about the album Beatles Love Bach, the school's support to produce it, and the experience of bringing baroque music to children.

Finally, over the last few days, the first concerts were announced!


And so we come to September.

Spring arrived with a Mano a Mano, with María Inés Obaldía on Canal 10, chats with UNI Radrio, and the news that the CD El Órgano Histórico Español, Vol. 3, was selected for the Orgues du Soleil cycle!

Again, we met with Master Ligia Amadio in the framework of the Third Symposium of Women Directors in Music.

Finally, the day of the first concert within the XXXIV International Organ Festival of Uruguay arrived. We shared beautiful photos and streamings from the German Evangelical Congregation with the entire community.

Throughout these months, we have appeared in various auditions selected by Nico Declerk from Belgium. We also spoke with Mauricio Martínez, on La Nave, of Radio Atlántida FM, and we began the final stretch towards the end of the year, with more concerts!

Finally, we launched this new corner on the page, and we changed the look to our social media!

See you next Thursday!

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